Spooky spielt Jonny

New article is finished: Spooky spielt Jonny. Now waiting for proof reading and print.

My article for Ernst Krenek Stiftung on cultural and historical aspects of transformation of voice and acoustic instruments through media by comparing Ernst Kreneks opera Jonny spielt auf and the multi media performance Jonny spielt Jazz by digital DJ and sound artist Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that subliminal Kid.

Ernst Kreneks opera is known for the first usage of a ungeheuerlicher Lautsprecher for presenting the main characters voices and music as well as a radio program on stage.

DJ Spookys performance Jonny spielt Jazz is based on samples of Kreneks opera and combines them with digitally transformed material of a Jazz Trio, that plays along Spookys sound textures and remixes.