Gestrandet – a movie by Lisei Caspers is now under distribution by Pandora Film Verleih and will be in cinemas from 07.04.2016.

I am happy that I was involved in this project with sound recording and that they choose my music for the credits after a beautiful and important documentary without any film score but only original sound content.

Lisei Caspers
FSK: 0
Duration: 80′


Approaching the Puddle


Sebastian Gimmel asked me to write the score for his short movie approaching-the-puddle, which will be on display at various film festivals during the year.

Watch approaching-the-puddle at ARTE Mediathek


Special Mention – Screendance Competition Leeds IFF
Winner – Best Experimental – Kurzundschön
Nominee – Best Cut – Film Plus
Winner – Compétition 3+ – PLein la Bobine


dance short | 8’33” | color | no dialogue
dcp & proress | 25 fps | 16:9 | stereo

Verleih & Vertrieb: Ute Dilger, KHM


Feuille: 1_Braquis – 2_Perthes-lès-Hurlus – 3_Compiègne (2014)

for two grammophones and live electronics. Commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW and played by gRoBA.


clip launch

clip launch is about mixing up well known DJ triggering- and controlling-techniques creating an electronic instrument for individually playing live with non-tonal sound. The sound and texture of clip launch is determined by the setup and sound-engines combining two digital DJ-Decks, two backing tracks, an sampler (equipped with non-tonal percussive and noise samples) and a real time effects-chain. So it is up to the player shaping and structuring all musical events and using the given elements as an instrument with its own limitations an unique features.

If you are interested in playing clip launch feel free to contact me for sharing the setup and details of its structure. It can be rebuild in many different ways, so it is possible to play it with different digital live-audio setups.



streunen (2011)

for percussion (pieces of glass, metal and ceramic) and live electronics.

Played by Jens Ruland (percussion) and Tobias Hartmann (live electronics, composition).